Starting weight: 179.4 pounds
Current weight: 160.2  (pounds lost after 14 weeks: 19.2; inches lost: 19.5; clothing sizes lost: 2)
Products used:  dotFIT Me, Women's MV, Lean MR Shake, Protein Sticks, Joint Flexibility Plus

Thank you dotFIT!!!

dotFIT has been instrumental in my ability to get lean! By following this program, I’ve been able to lose 20 lbs and 2 clothing sizes in only 14 weeks. Based on a short questionnaire, this program spells everything out for your specific goals, so the guess work is eliminated. Then it was up to me to follow the program I created, which can be modified at anytime to suit my personal goals. It even presents a number of menu suggestions and recipes, as well as an exercise module that I can customize with my preferences.

For my busy life, I needed a quick and easy solution and the dotFIT website is very user friendly so I can log my food in a matter of minutes.

My program held me accountable to myself, and when I needed some extra support from a professional, my dotFIT coach was there. She helped me set up my program, gave nutritional supplement suggestions, and ultimately helped me stay on track by actually listening to my challenges and presenting real workable solutions. She also introduced me to the delicious dotFIT bars and shakes! I’m hooked on the Iced Lemon Vanilla Protein Sticks! They fill me up and satisfy my sweet tooth without being too sweet, so no sugar high. I always travel with one so I’m in control of my calories even when I’m out for the day.
Since losing the weight, I’ve been able to do things that I wouldn’t have had the stamina to do before. I have so much more energy, and feel so much more in control, instead of my cravings being in control of me! I have a huge sense of accomplishment which can’t be measured on any scale, and feel like I can do anything now. I carry myself taller, proud of the changes I’ve made, and looking ahead at what I know I will achieve.

My sense of pride in my accomplishment has carried over into many aspects of my life. I haven’t reached my ultimate goal yet, but I know with the support of dotFIT and my awesome coach it’s just a matter of time. I’m well on my way and have never felt better about it.

Shawnee Burger
dotFIT participant and believer!

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