I work at Vision Quest Sport in Fitness in Kirkland, Washington. I am a graduate of the University of Washington; I graduated in 2005 with a Masters of Arts and Policy Studies.  I train clients full time and I am also the weekend fitness director. I have a dotFIT and American Council of Exercise fitness certification. I am also working on an additional certification. I am a proud mother; my daughter is my inspiration. 

I have struggled with weight for many years. I tried all the wrong ways to become fit and healthy. I achieved my fitness when I committed to clean eating, regular resistance training and quality supplements. dotFIT supplements have helped me advance my fitness. Before starting dotFIT products I was not consuming enough protein and I did not have a proper recovery regime. Joint Flex Plus and AminoBoost XXL are two of my favorite products.

I advanced from not being able to run to completing a half marathon. Now I am determined to finish my first marathon and the Seattle to Portland bike tour in 2014. 

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