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Many people believe that supplementation is not truly necessary when it comes to gaining and maintaining muscle mass.  I’ve heard plenty of times that supplements are “hype,” “unnecessary,” and “a waste of money.”  I have always felt that supplements are definitely beneficial; the challenge, however, was to find a trustworthy supplement line.  As an OCB figure competitor, it was of paramount importance to me that I use supplements which truly delivered on their promise to enhance performance, enhance muscle building, and enhance muscle maintenance.  

I began using dotFIT four years ago.  As required by the gym I was employed at, I had to become dotFIT certified.  At first, I thought, “Great-yet another bogus supplement line!”  I quickly learned, however, that dotFIT truly was the gold standard when it came to supplementation.  I began using the products and really enjoyed how they made me feel, but this competition season (2013), I truly put them to the test.

For my May 2012 competition, I was about 112-113 pounds of Lean Body Mass.  My goal for the 2013 season?  GAIN MASS!!  Not only gain mass, but to maintain it once the preparation began.  So off season, starting in June 2012, I took the following dotFIT products:  Whey Smooth Vanilla Crème, NO7RAGE, Amino Boost XXL, Muscle Defender, Recover and Build, Superior Antioxidant, and Creatine XXL.  I followed strictly the timing and amounts suggested on the labels, and as each week passed, I noticed great gains in my strength and recovery times.  I was able to work out longer and harder, and I didn’t have the intense muscle soreness that I’m used to feeling after a brutal workout.

When I was ready to begin “reeling in” my diet in order to prep for show, I began getting bi-weekly hydrostatic weigh ins to check the progress of my fat loss and muscle mass.  My first hydro was December 2012; it showed me at 118 pounds of Lean Body Mass (how’s that for GOAL REACHED!) and 20% body fat.  So now came the hard part: get down to 7-8% without losing any of that hard-earned muscle!

I continued to use Superior Antioxidant, Amino Boost XXL, Muscle Defender, and Recover and Build; as I pulled Creatine from my regimen, I began taking Workout Extreme for my pre-workout.  Again, I continued to follow strictly the dosing and timing of the supplements throughout the 16 weeks I took to prep.

My last hydrostatic was in very late March of 2013.  The readings showed me still at 118 pounds of lean body mass, but at 10% body fat!  I had managed to maintain all of my mass and STILL lean out!  While my diet was spot on, anyone who has done a competition knows that calories do reduce significantly and, as a result, muscle loss seems inevitable.  This was definitely the case for me my very first show in 2011.  However, this time around, with proper nutrition and the ultimate in supplements, I stepped on stage lean and muscular!
dotFIT is truly a line to trust!  The ingredients are of the highest quality, and they have been scientifically proven to do exactly what the product claims it can do!  Plus, by using dotFIT, I know that I will never have to worry about failing a drug test (OCB is a drug-tested sanction). 

I can’t say enough wonderful things about dotFIT and the dotFIT team!  Thank you all for helping me have a super season!  I will continue to recommend dotFIT products to my clients, and I will continue to use the line as a part of my own daily regimen!

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