dotFIT Ambassador

Age: 35
Height: 5'9 3/4
Competition goal weight: 145-148lbs
Competition goal body fat: under 9%

Products used: dotFIT Women's Multi-Vitamin, Superior Antioxidant, SuperOmega 3, JointFlex Plus, AminoBoost XXL Fruit Punch, NORAGE Blue Raspberry Crush, Lean MR Chocolate, dotSTICK Iced Maple Cinnamon Glaze, dotSTICK Iced Lemon Vanilla Cream, and dotBAR Chocolate Mint. Also, extensive food logging!

I was fortunate enough to attend a nutritional presentation given by Neal Spruce, founder of dotFIT, at UFC Gym in Torrance California. I left the meeting with a toolbox full of nutritional strategies and product knowledge. Not only did I feel better prepared to help my personal training clients tackle their fitness goals, but I was inspired.

Neal gave a brief overview of his career and its foundation in bodybuilding. After many stops along the way he created dotFIT as we know it today.  During the same presentation another dotFIT employee, Nichole Herro, was scheduled to give us detailed product descriptions and as Neal introduced her he bragged on her competitive bodybuilding days.

I have ALWAYS been the girl when placed in front of the magazine rack in a grocery store, airport or newsstand that grabs the muscle magazine! Some little girls gravitate toward bridal magazines, home and garden, or even cooking - not me, even at a young age I was drawn to the SUPER FIT of fitness magazines. After the presentation, I was able to speak with Neal and he encouraged me to enter a competition and that conversation ignited a whole new adventure in my life.

As a general rule I make one New Year's Resolution that SCARES me. 2011's scary resolution was to run a marathon.  I endured countless hours of training and in March 2011 I completed the LA Marathon in severely inclement weather which included a hailstorm! After being inspired by Neal and Nichole, I decided to train completely different and resolved that in 2012 I would enter a bodybuilding competition - figure class.  I am proud to report that at the "greatest outdoor bodybuilding show on earth" the 2012 MUSCLE BEACH INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC, my first show, I won the following categories:

Novice Figure-Tall, Winner

Novice Figure-OVERALL, Winner

Open Figure-Tall, Winner

And this year . . . at the GNC 2013 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic:

Open Figure D, Second Place

Master Figure C, Winner

Master Figure Overall Winner


Thank you Neal and the entire dotFIT team for your encouragement and relentless commitment to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.


Andrea Ausmus


Andrea at a glance -


University of Southern California, Los Angeles (May 2004)


 *Phi Kappa Phi Honor Graduate

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (December 2000)

       Bachelor of Science in Education concentration SPORT MANAGEMENT



·       Mother of two boys; Max 7 and Bo 5 years old


·       Coach and TRX Instructor at the UFC Gym Torrance

·       Master Trainer, Octane Fitness

Athletic Accomplishments:

·       University of Tennessee Lady Vol, Track and Field

·       2000 NCAA Track and Field All-American

·       2011 LA Marathon Finisher

·       2012 Muscle Beach International Classic, Novice Figure Overall Winner

·       GNC 2013 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic, Master Figure Overall Winner

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