Jodi Braun, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Jodi Braun, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

With the dotFIT brand I feel the difference and my body feels clean.

I'm an IFPA Pro Figure Competitor as well as a fitness trainer at Premier Fitness in Nanuet, New York.

In order to achieve your goals it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle which includes a clean diet, exercise, nutrition and proper dietary supplements. dotFIT nutrition gives me the edge I needed to get through grueling workouts and increase my stamina. dotFIT keeps me healthy through their wide range of supplements and vitamins.

Being in this industry has introduced me to many different vitamins, supplements, energy bars and drinks, etc. I’ve learned that they aren’t all the same – it’s what is in the product that enables it to perform the way it's supposed to with your body.

With the dotFIT brand I feel the difference and my body feels clean compared to other brands I have tried in the past. I look forward to using dotFIT products in the future to assist me in furthering my progress as a professional athlete and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Most of my clients and now some of my friends are beginning to see the difference in themselves using dotFIT and it keeps them motivated to stay healthy.

Thank you dotFIT for helping me get to the next level and to continue to help me reach all of my goals!!!

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