Joe Lemma, dotFIT Signature Athlete
Sport: Football
Age: 26
Products used: AmioBoostXXL, NO7Rage, CreatineXXL, FirstString Meal Replacement, Active Multi Vitamin, and Breakfast Bars

My name is Joe Lemma and I play for the Boise Burn of Arena football. This opportunity is giving me the platform I need to pursue the
higher ranks of professional football, and I have teamed up with dotFIT to fuel me throughout this mission.

Since I began utilizing dotFIT supplements my strength has improved ten-fold, and I have never felt more powerful. My fitness level is at a point it has never been before and I feel more ready than ever to embark on this challenging journey that I have set for myself.  dotFIT products are superior in every way and there is no way I would be where I am physically without them.

For everyone out there asking yourself "What will it do for me?," I assure you that the dotFIT team and their products are the best the industry has to offer. The dedication, knowledge, and genuine love of sports and fitness dotFIT possesses is reflected in all they stand for and have to offer.  That is what appealed to me and compelled me to be a member of their team.  So, whether you are looking to increase your sports performance or simply create a healthier lifestyle, dotFIT has the vitamin, protein powder, or meal replacement you need.  Go to today, get connected to your fitness and see what our team can do for you.

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