Xander Cruze, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

Xander Cruze, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete
Xander Cruze

Sport: Inline Downhill
Club Affiliation: US Inline Downhill Team & Seba USA

I’m in a micro sport that most people don’t even know exists. We strap on inline blades and race down steep hills at 50+MPH which most people think is somewhat psychotic next to a deathwish. It used to be part of the X games but due to the extreme nature of the sport and the potential for injury or death, it has been excluded nobody wants to take the risk of insuring the athletes.

In order to compete at the World Cup level in this sport, one has to be in the peak physical condition with the quads of a Russian racehorse.

The only way to do that is to hire the best of the best in the training world and that happens to be Scott Pullen, Wendy Batts & Michael Oviedo.

Thanks to their guidance, I am in the best shape of my life and continue to improve mentally, physically and emotionally.

The dotFit supplement line has given me the ability to breakthrough all of the physical barriers that have held me back in the past.

No more excuses because playing it small is for amateurs and I’m in the big leagues now. It’s do or die and dotFIT gives me what I need to DO IT!!!!

Products used: Pre/Post Workout protein shake; Amino Boost XXL; NO7Rage; Creatine Monohydrate; ActiveMV Multivitamin; Super Omega; Super Calcium+; Joint Flexibility Plus; and Superior Antioxidant.

My sincerest thanks to the entire dotFIT team from Neal to Mike to Jim and everybody else that makes this operation what it is. My sponsorship from dotFIT continues to make all the difference for me as a World Class competitive athlete.

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